Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Throwback Post: Scrub Takes On A New Meaning

*Throwback Post #16*

The service projects that we participate in throughout our AmeriCorps year of service take on a variety of forms. They range from working with kids to painting houses to serving meals. The project that we partook in last Saturday was one of a kind and brought a new meaning to the word "scrub" for those that participated.

A "scrub" here in Florida refers to a dry, desert like piece of land that is under preservation by the local government. These areas were some of the first to be developed due to the fact that they sit a bit higher up and are not susceptible to flooding, which is definitely an issue down here in South Florida. Many of these areas are now surrounded by developments of houses and shopping centers. Due to this, they tend to collect lots of trash from the surrounding area. Enter AmeriCorps!

About 20 of us showed to to help clean up the Hypoluxo Scrub and rid it of the trash and other debris that had collected there over the past few months. We were lucky to not only find trash, but also a gopher tortoise - make that two of them! One of them was chilling out in his burrow, while the other one was out on the loose, scuttling about the scrub.

We were able to clean up a good section of the scrub, lost a bit of sweat, and got stuck by little stickers. However, it was a morning well spent helping "scrub" the scrub!

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