Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm a Warrior!

4 10 K's - Check!
1 Half Marathon - Check!
2 Color Runs - Check!
1 Zombie Run - Check!
1 Mud Challenge - Check!
1 Electric Run - Check!

Needless to say, running has become a recent passion of mine, born out of an invite to join a new and upcoming running club in Seoul. So when the opportunity to add another race to my list presented itself, I of course couldn't resist. This time it was the Warrior Dash.

Monica and Melissa, two other members of this year's AmeriCorps group, had decided to sign up for this race back in December and had let the rest of the group know that they were planning on doing it and would love to have people join them! Hallie immediately got a hold of me and we immediately signed up.

Now the Warrior Dash was similar to the Mud Challenge that I did with Kevin and the Zombie Run that I completed with Hallie and Nick. This 5 K was filled with obstacles and promised to get participants wet and dirty. Let's just say that it definitely did not disappoint! We made the 2 hour trek north, parked, checked in, and headed to the start line. As the horn and fire cannons went off, we were unleashed into the course. Instead of attempting to describe each obstacle, here are pictures of what we faced throughout the course:

Giant Cliffhanger
Mud Mound
Muddy Mayhem
Road Rage
Storming Normandy
Two x Fall
Warrior Roast
All of these obstacles presented their own challenges, but I can honestly say that I was able to successfully try and conquer each and every one! Let's just say that that was my ultimate goal! The four of us managed to stay together for the entire course of the race, which made the whole thing that much more fun. Of all of the races that I have completed, this was by far on of my favorite. Not only was it extremely well organized, but I accomplished some things that I didn't think I would be able to. 

Add the Warrior Dash to the list of completed races. 11 and counting!!

Right before being splashed in the face
Zooming down towards a pit of mud!

All the awesome swag that we got from the race!
Participants shoes donated after the race - mine are in there somewhere!
Melissa and I crossing the finish line!
Before and after shots of the group!