Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Post: The Beauty of Silence

*Throwback Post #11*

Being a socialite definitely has its positives. It's great being surrounded by people who you can share a laugh with. It's phenomenal having close ones that will pick you up when you are feeling down. The ability to hang out and exchange memories with is indescribable.

But there are sometimes when you just have to take a break from all the company and re-connect with yourself. These times can be some of the most beautiful and meaningful times in ones life.  Being able to connect with your inner feelings and just get back to square one is a super important thing that everyone needs to be able to do.

Last night, I had one of those moments. Things have bee moving so quickly around here, I kind of forgot how to really take some quality time for myself. A great 45 minute trip down to the beach really helped me center myself again. That was followed up by a great 30 minute run and gym session.

While I was in Seoul, I was in the best shape of my life. I was active, running 25-30 kilometers a week. That hasn't been the case so far since I moved down to Florida due to new schedules, surroundings, and situations. Now that I'm finally getting settled down, finding time to be silent and reconnect with myself will become easier and more frequent.

So take some time. Turn off your phone. Leave your house/apartment. Walk around your neighborhood and clear your mind. You'll be surprised what comes from it...

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