Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Throwback Post: The Blogger Returns...

*Throwback Post #14*

Wow - so it's been about two months since my last post, for which I apologize profusely for. A combination of laziness/busy schedule/lack of motivation has all aided to my prolonged absence from the blogging realm. So as 2012 has come to a close and 2013 is off to a rip-roaring start, I am vowing to become better at keeping you all informed of my happenings down here in sunny Florida. So before moving on to what is currently happening, here is a quick recap of the last few months!


- Celebrated my the beginning of my 26th year of life on this planet with Cuban food, drinks, and great memories with my AmeriCorps family

- Participated in numerous service projects, ranging from a PTA carnival at a Jewish school where I was in charge of wind up pig races to numerous Thanksgiving dinners and festivities

- Was invited to attend a Thanksgiving dinner at the house of one of the board members at The Lord's Place (let's just say that the house alone was breathtaking, let alone the spread of food that was presented to us that night!)

- Ran my first "official" race here, when Kourtney and I took on the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day in West Palm Beach. I set a new PR for a 5K, finishing the race right around 25 minutes (after not taking the first few kilometers too seriously)


- Helped hand out water for the West Palm Beach Marathon, while being surrounded by about 15 women dressed in Dolphins gear and fake boobs as they attempted to win a contest for the best spirited water table (results pending)

- Attended my first professional football game ever, as the Miami Dolphins took on the New England Patriots

- Spent a weekend as a camp counselor, working with children that are primary caregivers in their homes. This was an awesome opportunity that enabled them to be kids for a weekend with little to no stress regarding their parents/siblings/grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins/etc. It was also a chance for me to break out my camp knowledge and history and relive to glory days of the tall white socks and khaki shorts!

- Attended multiple holiday parties, for both work and AmeriCorps, as the holidays drew close and a much needed break approached

- Flew home for a week of relaxation, family bonding, and cold weather! The snow returned back to Iowa this winter, just in time for my arrival to the great state. Needless to say, the sandals and shorts remained in Florida as I traded them in for sweatshirts, winter coats, and multiple layers. It was great to see my family and few friends during my short trip.

Well that serves as the quick recap. Enjoy the following pictures to accompany these events from the end of 2012 and look for a post really soon about how I kicked off 2013 (in style!)

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