Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throwback Post: Leaping Lizards

*Throwback Post #3*

So in Iowa, there is an abundance of squirrels. When I was at UNI (University of Northern Iowa), we actually had super friendly squirrels. They would come up to you, not dash off at the first sign of movement, and were genuinely very nice animals. 

Here in Florida, squirrels have been replaced with tiny little lizards. It's such a change and one that I'm slowly adapting to. I've continued running here and when I'm out and about, these little guys love to play daredevil with you. They'll wait until you're just about ready to put your foot down and decide to dart out from the grass where they had been hiding, planning their course of attack. I'm pretty sure that I've almost squished close to a dozen of these little guys.

So far, all have escaped with their lives...but they sure are playing quite the dangerous game.

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