Monday, June 10, 2013

Sweating and Sparkling in Savannah!

Traveling around the country is one of my favorite past times! As is pretty apparent, traveling, road trips, and random adventures really excite me! This past weekend, I was able to put this love to use! Needing a much needed break from Florida life, Phetsada, Cathy, and I headed up north to take in the sights and sounds of Savannah, GA!

The weekend was a smashing success! Outside of the three of us making the trip, we also met up with my friend Elizabeth and her roommate Victoria, along with Phetsada's friends Natalie, Jen, Billy, and Sonya. It felt a little bit like a wedding with so many different parties meeting up for the first time! We were able to score an amazing hotel right on the river (thanks again Sara and Ash!), which gave us great access to the city by foot. 

We started out our experience by grabbing some food at Spanky's, this really quirky food joint that had amazing chicken fingers! From there, we went back to the hotel, played some card games, and then headed back out for the night! The night life in Savannah is pretty hopping (especially compared to Boynton) and there were young 20-somethings out and about - this was definitely a welcome site! We mixed, mingled, and chowed down on some pizza before heading back to our hotel.

On Saturday, Elizabeth, Victoria, Cathy, and I explored more of the city. This historic town definitely has a lot to offer. Dodging the various trolley tours that patrol the streets, we saw where Forest Gump discussed his life philosophy, historic River Street, and quite a few little fun city squares that were in full bloom and teaming with activity. After having lost a good gallon of fluid through sweating and panting, we made our way back to the AC of our hotel and just chilled for the majority of the afternoon. Great movies like Happy Gilmore, Gnomeo and Juliet, and Monster's, Inc., definitely kept us great company!

As the afternoon turned into evening, we gathered the troops together and headed back out for another night on the town. We ate at a great restaurant (and even better, Phetsada, Cathy, and I were able to take in the Blackhawks hockey game - I've been converted to a hockey fan by my roommate Kevin, his girlfriend Erin, and my supervisor Brad) and made our way back to the City Market area. We witnessed a great Blackhawks victory on the side of a building, which helped catapult our night with a euphoric start! Another great night of drinking, dancing, and eating some more delicious pizza capped off the middle portion of our trip.

On Sunday, we headed back out to Tybee Island for lunch and some quality beach/sun time. It's always nice to be on the sand in other places that aren't Florida. The beach was pretty busy and the water felt great! After a a few hours of lounging around, we piled back into the car and headed home to good ol' Florida. We all quickly realized as we pulled into the parking garage at LV that future trips to Savannah would definitely be in store!

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