Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Memory Making Memorial Day Weekend!

Long weekends are always a blessing in disguise when you work in a school. Even if it's just one extra day, the break from the hecticness of the students and school life is much needed. It gets even better when you are able to take advantage of this extra freedom! That's exactly what happened over Memorial Day...

One of the hidden perks of being an AmeriCorps member is being privy to some pretty sweet discounts. We had a panel of AmeriAlum come and speak at one of our past Friday meetings and one of the alum works with a children's art museum down in Davie (about 45 minutes south of Boynton). The museum that she works with was having an event that included open bar, food vendors, and a chance to see the museum in a different light. She was able to get us in to the event for free, so of course had to take advantage of that!

Close to 20 of our members ended up going down for this event and we had a great time! The food was magnificent, the drinks hit the spot, and the art was really cool! The definite highlight of the night was the recycled jungle. This exhibit was pretty much what it sounds like: an entire jungle scene created out of recyclable materials. Trees were made out of plastic rakes. Animals were crafted out of rubber and wood. Lakes shimmered as light bounced off the back of CD's. It was super impressive!

Cathy, myself, Andrea, and Monica enjoying the night!

Definitely have missed hanging out with this one!
Another big event of the extended weekend was throwing a baby shower for my roommate, Cathy. With her due date slowly creeping closer and closer, a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower was planned by Andrea, myself, and Chris (the father). We managed to keep the theme of the shower a secret until the day of, which is quite a feat considered that over 40 people knew about it! Cathy was blown away by the shower itself and thoroughly enjoyed herself! I'm super sad that I won't be around for the first two years of the little nugget's life, but through the miracle of technology and Skype I know that I'll be able to keep in touch while I'm overseas!

AmeriBook staff reunited (even though we live across the hall from each other!)

Brad, myself, Cathy, Phetsada, and Audrey - AmeriFamily pic!
The weekend was capped off on Monday with a little road trip to northern Palm Beach County and the town of Jupiter. Phetsada, Tamer, Cassie, Ali, Shon, and myself ventured up north for a trip to a tiki-inspired restaurant called Guanabanas. The atmosphere of this establishment definitely makes one feel like they're in Fiji soaking in some rays. The food was delicious (pretty sure I downed my wrap in like 3 bites) and the company was even better! Lunch was followed by a much needed and earned trip to a local ice cream shop where scoops upon scoops of ice cream were enjoyed by everyone! It was the perfect way to end the extended weekend and helped re-energize us all for the last few days and weeks of our time down here in Florida!

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