Monday, May 20, 2013

Steaks and Franks

Food and Sports. Two things that will get anyone through a great weekend!

Back in college, one of my favorite restaurants to chow down at was Texas Roadhouse. The rolls are delicious! The butter is to absolutely die for! The steaks and other entrees are mouth watering good! Only problem is that there isn't one within Palm Beach County. This has been terribly disappointing, but have no fear, a solution has been found!

My friend Hala (who used to work at Texas Roadhouse in Utah) tracked one down a little less than 2 hours away from Boynton Beach! This past Saturday, 11 of us piled into three cars and headed north to Palm Bay. The drive was definitely worth it! Between throwing peanut shells on the floor and savoring my palette with warm rolls slathered with cinnamon butter, the meal was an absolute success. Stuffed and brimming with Roadhouse goodness, we made the trek back to Boynton, fulfilled and satisfied.

The next day, I headed down to Miami with Cathy, Brad, and Kelly (coworker of Brad's that Kevin and I helped move back in November). We took in a Marlins - Diamondbacks game. Despite being the worst team in baseball, the Marlins pulled out the 2-1 victory after a tense filled 9th inning! The best part of the game was the fact that the tickets were only $1 and the seats were great! We were able to take in the game from the lower deck on the third base side. Pretty spectacular for $1! After the game, we headed to the Clevelander, a bar/club that is located within the stadium with seats right on the field in left field. We played some corn hole and then headed back to Boynton.

It was a great weekend filled with excellent food, enticing baseball, and entertaining friends!

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