Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Korea, Here I Come!

Move over lazy, monotonous summer...
Hello crazy new adventure!

I finally received my contract to teach English in Seoul, South Korea today! I will be heading over to Seoul in a week, leaving from Cedar Rapids, connecting through Chicago, and finally landing in Seoul next Wednesday!

This opportunity came about thanks to the teacher fair at UNI held in March. I've always wanted to go to South Korea and EPIK (English Programs in Korea) had a booth set up at the fair. After wandering around the union ballrooms for what felt like hours upon end with no real job prospects, the EPIK booth caught my attention. The representative was very informative and really sold the program. Being the traveler that I am, my interest was instantly piqued and I decided to further pursue this opportunity.

Over the past few months, I have been filling out applications, making lesson plans, interviewing with EPIK representatives in Korea, getting my criminal background checked on all possible levels (still clean!), and getting more stamps put on documents than I even knew were available. Finally, at the end of June I had all of my documents in line and was able to send them off to my contact person in Chicago, who sent them to Korea to start the contract process.

So, after 4 1/2 months of anxiously waiting to find out what I will be doing in the fall, it has all FINALLY fallen into place.

Peace out America...
An nyoung ha se yo Korea!

PS - I will publish more details about the actual job itself in an upcoming post!