Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Faces of Repelón: The Nurse

This world is full of people that have the ability to make anyone happy just with their mere presence. These special humans are just filled with a positive energy that is contagious to all of those that they come in contact with. I try to surround myself with these types of people as much as I can. Through my community classes, I have had the opportunity to get to know one of these people – Nahir Nuñez.

Born in Repelón in 1969, Nahir grew up in a household comprised of her father, mother, and three brothers. Her father emigrated from Venezuela as a young man to give his future family an opportunity at a better life. Her mother was responsible for instilling many of the values and principles that continue to guide her life to this day.

Nahir was very active in sports as a child, which was very uncommon at that time, especially for females. She participated in basketball, volleyball, running, gymnastics, soccer, and flew kites with friends from school and neighbors. She remembers having a fairly long childhood, as she continued all of these activities until she was 15.
School for Nahir was a pure pleasure. It is hard for her to think of anything that she didn’t enjoy about her school experience. A plethora of friendships and inspiring teachers are a few of the many highlights when she thinks back to her schooling days. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Nahir was forced to leave school before graduating. She got married and later went back and successfully received her high school diploma. She has since attended college and currently is working as a nurse in a pharmacy here in town that just happens to be on my route home every day!

For Nahir, the tranquility and hospitality of Repeloneros is something she greatly treasures. She considers her life here to be a marvelous one and is always attempting to find the positive in each and every situation that comes her way. She is especially proud of how she has been able to use her position as a nurse to reach underrepresented populations within the pueblo to help teach them about healthy habits and ways to improve their lives.

In the future, Nahir would absolutely love to visit the United States and Hawaii. Her biggest dream is to experience snow! Due to the extreme, constant heat here on the coast, this is one phenomenon that she has yet to see firsthand. She sees that United States as a powerful nation that offers many opportunities to advance and progress in life.

Nahir has become an inspiration to me personally during my time here in Repelón. She is super ambitious, as evident in her dedication to learning English by taking classes outside of those offered by myself. Not too long ago, she received high marks on a project that she completed and the high levels of joy and pride that she had while telling me of this success could be seen by everyone. Nahir is definitely one of those special people that you meet in your life that will continue to do great things no matter where they are.

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