Thursday, January 9, 2014

Familiar Faces Flood Florida!

During my first year of service with AmeriCorps, I met some pretty fantastic people. The group that was assembled last year was definitely one of a kind and had an overall positive attitude that was absolutely contagious. When it was finally time for last year's group to go our separate ways, tears were shed and long hugs were exchanged. Knowing that there was always a chance to be reunited with some of those familiar, friendly faces has helped make this year go by so far. Luckily, that opportunity came sooner than later!

The time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas is always a short one. There's about 3 weeks in which work still happens, service is still complete, and things are still done. Those three weeks become more bearable when people visit you from afar. That was the case this year. Sara, Kevin, and Erin, all members from last year's group, made the trip down from Vermont and Chicago, respectively, for a much needed visit. It was great to see them and have them around. This did make for a full apartment, but it was filled with lots of laughter, reminiscing, and catching up.

Thanks for the visit guys! Until next time...

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