Thursday, December 5, 2013

Celebrating, Running, and Feasting!

A month long hiatus is inexcusable, I know and apologies are in order. However, the past month of November has been a hectic one filled with tons of gatherings, events, and projects. Here's the much awaited for recap:

- The month of November was littered with numerous birthdays, especially during the first week! These hectic seven days witnessed 5 members gain another year of life - yours truly included! Year number 27 was ushered in with a Day of the Dead (or Dia de los Muertos for my Spanish speaking peeps) party. I had the pleasure of sharing this joyous day with Melissa. It was followed up by birthday's for Andrea, Sam, and Cait - all before the 7th of the month! Quite the way to jump start the month!

 - Service Projects also littered the month. We assisted with the inventory at a non-profit that recycles and distributes medical equipment to needy patients called Clinics Can Help. A Jewish temple in Boca Raton had us helping out with a Mitzvah day in which members of the their congregation did good deeds to help those less fortunate in the community. The holidays brought ample opportunities to not only give back, but also enjoy delicious food. The Florence DeGeorge Boys and Girls Club and Vita Nova, a non-profit the helps foster youth who are about ready to age out of the foster care system stay on a productive path, enabled us the opportunity to chow down on some great food and carry on some lovely conversations.

- The month wouldn't be complete with some fun social activities either! Country night was enjoyed at Cowboys. Line dances, mechanical bulls, and cowboy hats littered the bar as old memories were revisited! Nick, Hallie, Zoe (Hallie's sister) and I all participated in the Electric Run, which was such an awesome experience! It was like the Color Run, only at night and minus the powder element. We raved, danced, and partied all night long like we just didn't care! Jordan, Leah, Cassie, Phetsada, Hallie, Zoe, Nick, and I also were able to attend a Miami Dolphins game. Even though they lost to the Carolina Panthers, the game was entertaining!

The month of December promises to be just as hectic and exciting! Numerous service projects dot the schedule. Visits from old friends from last year highlight the last week before break. A much desired and exciting trip home to Iowa helps wrap up the month! Stay tuned for more updates (and hopefully they'll be more frequent than last month!)

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